One Ford Road, called "the last of an elegant breed of communities" by Pacific Bay Homes, is a community located on Ford Road, between Jamboree and MacArthur Roads in Newport Beach. The community is a seamless blend of both modern luxury and sophistication with a timeless feel of a bygone era, where neighbors all knew each other, where children played together in the neighborhood until being called home to dinner. Comprised of 363 homes (plus eight custom lots) with endless amenities, One Ford Road is one of the most sought-after communities in the area, due to the quality of construction, the aesthetic appeal, the exquisite amenities, the sense of community amongst the residents and the proximity to some of the areas finest shopping, dining and schools.

Teri Hardke has been a proud resident of One Ford Road for the past thirteen years, and is equally proud to represent a large market share of the homes sold in the community.  



Number of Homes: 371
Age: Homes Built in three phases from 1998-2000
Plans: there five plans in the Community, along with eight custom lots on Troon Drive
Amenities: 24-hour guard gate, two swimming pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center gym, 27-hole putting green, croquet park, basketball and volleyball courts, clubhouse, reflection pond, outdoor fireplace and lounge, rose garden, community barbecues, children's Swim Team, a Social Committee, and neighborhood events including Book Club, block parties, concerts in the park, wine tastings, and so much more!
Monthly HOA Dues: $474 per month, with no Mello Roos

Please note that the floor plans below are the basic plan for each model. There are several builder options that may be incorporated into each, such as lofts, extra bedrooms or baths, etc. Please call Teri with any specific questions!

Balboa - there are 103 Balboa plans in the community, ranging from 2,498 sq ft to 3,088 sq ft, with four plan variations. These homes are characterized by their bungalow style, and feature garages in the rear of the homes, with alley ways running between the streets.
Balboa 1 Floor Plan
Balboa 2 Floor Plan
Balboa 3 Floor Plan
Balboa 4 Floor Plan


Carmel - there are 57 of the stylishly-traditional Carmel plans in the neighborhood, with 3 plan variations.  These homes range from 2,700 sq ft up to approximately 3,400 sq ft.
Carmel 1 Floor Plan
Carmel 2 Floor Plan
Carmel 3 Floor Plan 


Stonybrook  - there are 81 elegant, stately Stonybrook plans, with four variations. These homes range from 3,126 to 3,556 square feet.
Stonybrook 1 Floor Plan
Stonybrook 2 Floor Plan
Stonybrook 3 Floor Plan
Stonybrook 4 Floor Plan

Summer House - there are 63 Summer House plans, designed for comfortable, downstairs living. Ranging rom 3,094 to 3,812 square feet, with three variations.
Summer House 1 Floor Plan
Summer House 2 Floor Plan
Summer House 3 Floor Plan

Providence - there are 59 of these grand residences, ranging in size from 3,817 to 5,105 square feet in living space.
Providence 1 Floor Plan 
Providence 2 Floor Plan 
Providence 3 Floor Plan
Providence 4 Floor Plan 


1 Colonial, Represented Seller
7 Colonial, Represented Seller
9 Colonial, Represented Seller
15 Colonial, Represented Seller
22 Colonial, Represented Seller
24 Colonial, Represented Seller

3 Crooked Stick, Represented Buyer
44 Crooked Stick, Represented Seller
54 Crooked Stick, Represented Seller
62 Crooked Stick, Represented Buyer & Seller
72 Crooked Stick, Represented Seller

8 Edgewood, Represented Buyer, Represented Seller
8 Edgewood, Represented Seller
10 Edgewood, Represented Buyer & Seller
14 Edgewood, Represented Buyer
16 Edgewood, Represented Buyer, Represented Seller
18 Edgewood, Represented Seller
20 Edgewood, Represented Buyer
21 Edgewood, Represented Buyer & Seller
23 Edgewood, Represented Seller

6 Gleneagles, Represented Seller
10 Gleneagles, Represented Buyer & Seller
11 Gleneagles, Represented Seller
12 Gleneagles, Represented Buyer & Seller
16 Gleneagles, Represented Seller
19 Gleneagles , Represented Buyer & Seller
20 Gleneagles, Represented Buyer, Represented Seller
27 Gleneagles, Represented Seller
30 Gleneagles, Represented Buyer & Seller

2 Ironwood, Represented Buyer & Seller, Represented Seller
3 Ironwood, Represented Seller
8 Ironwood, Represented Buyer & Seller, Represented Seller

11 Jupiter Hills, Represented Seller
14 Jupiter Hills, Represented Buyer & Seller
21 Jupiter Hills, Represented Seller

22 Long Bay, Represented Seller
27 Long Bay, Represented Buyer & Seller
28 Long Bay, Represented Buyer
30 Long Bay, Represented Buyer
35 Long Bay, Represented Seller
37 Long Bay, Represented Seller

3 Maidstone, Represented Seller
4 Maidstone, Represented Seller
6 Maidstone, Represented Buyer & Seller

11 Oak Tree, Represented Buyer & Seller

8 Old Course, Represented Seller
12 Old Course, Represented Seller
14 Old Course, Represented Seller
19 Old Course, Represented Seller
34 Old Course, Represented Buyer, Represented Buyer & Seller
40 Old Course, Represented Buyer & Seller
41 Old Course, Represented Buyer & Seller
42 Old Course, Represented Seller
59 Old Course, Represented Buyer & Seller
61 Old Course, Represented Seller
80 Old Course, Represented Seller
84 Old Course, Represented Buyer
87 Old Course, Represented Seller
89 Old Course, Represented Buyer
91 Old Course, Represented Seller
94 Old Course, Represented Seller
97 Old Course, Represented Buyer
98 Old Course, Represented Buyer & Seller
103 Old Course, Represented Seller
117 Old Course, Represented Seller

6 Sawgrass, Represented Seller

2 Singletree, Represented Seller
15 Singletree, Represented Seller

2 Spanish Bay, Represented Seller
6 Spanish Bay, Represented Buyer
15 Spanish Bay, Represented Buyer & Seller, Represented Seller
16 Spanish Bay, Represented Seller
23 Spanish Bay, Represented Seller
24 Spanish Bay, Represented Seller
27 Spanish Bay, Represented Seller

2 Thunderbird, Represented Buyer
8 Thunderbird, Represented Seller

3 Turnberry, Represented Seller
20 Turnberry, Represented Seller

3 Turtle Bay, Represented Buyer & Seller
5 Turtle Bay, Represented Seller
8 Turtle Bay, Represented Buyer

1 Vintage, Represented Seller, Represented Buyer & Seller
2 Vintage, Represented Buyer & Seller
6 Vintage, Represented Seller